About Pretty Stoners

Pretty Stoners has a mission to provide a modern and classy way for women to consume cannabis via chic accessories. Graduate from your "Cheech and Chong" weed bongs, and experience Pretty Stoners' beautiful and discrete cannabis accessories that appeal to women who like to get high off life. 

We cater to women who enjoy smoking and also enjoy taking care of themselves, through exercise, eating healthy. They may also enjoy reading, going to music festivals, or wine. True Pretty Stoners enjoy smoking weed without perpetuating the stigma of weed smokers being lazy and careless. 

Pretty Stoners was founded by Felicia Moore, a beauty guru and weed enthusiast. As an avid cannabis consumer, Moore noticed that her cannabis accessories needs weren't being met by the current market. She lived a very active lifestyle that included working long hours, hanging out with friends, dating, reading, and smoking weed. Her vibrant and chic lifestyle also included cannabis but the weed accessories didn't fit in. Most products on the market were bulky and ugly. And from that discovery, Pretty Stoners emerged.

Pretty stoners is a brand for women who smoke weed want beautiful and functional accessories. 

Are you a Pretty Stoner? Share what makes you a Pretty Stoner and how you stand out from the traditional imagery of weed smokers.